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 Masanori Masuda

 1-2-12 Otowacho , Fujieda-city , Shizuoka 426-0087 JAPAN

Phone number

Selling price
 Published for each product

Required fees other than product price and delivery fee

Payment method
 Bank transfer , PayPal

Due date for payment
 Please transfer the product price to our designated bank account or pay by PayPal within one week.
 If I can't confirm your payment within a week from the order, you may cancel your order.

Product delivery date
 It depends on the payment method, stock status and production status.

 You cannot cancel after the payment or shipping.
 The price you paid will not be refunded unless we can make the product.

 The disability caused by manufacturing issues is basically one year after delivery.
 All obstacles caused by inconvenience in use and obstacles due to ordinary aging are all charged.
 For details, please see the enclosed instruction manual.