model390 Microphone Amp. for API 500 Series

model390 170,000JPY

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You may can not believe, but would not feel the existence of the microphone amplifier If you use model390.

The sound of model 390,very clear,no stress and very natural!


Input Impedance : 2.8k ohm(PAD OFF), 3.8k ohm(PAD ON)
Output Impedance : 600 ohm(Transformer Out)
Maximum Output Level : +20dBm(600 ohm load, 0.01% THD)
Maximum Input Level : -29dBm(PAD OFF,TRIM MAX) , +12dBm(PAD OFF,TRIM MIN) , -6dBm(PAD ON,TRIM MAX) , +30dBm(PAD ON,TRIM MIN)
Noise Level : -56dBm(TRIM MAX) , -86dBm(TRIM MIN)
Amp. Gain : +10dB - +50dB
Frequency Characteristics : 20Hz - 20kHz (-0.5dB)
Weight : 1,000g